Meet the Artists

Steve Fowler | Owner & Director

Since 1986 Steve has been the driving force behind Video Experts (VE) and has always been committed to exceeding his customer's expectations. From the smallest personal event to the most significant corporate assignment, his devotion to perfection has been unwavering. As a result, Steve's reputation quickly spread, and he became known as the leading videographer in New England, throughout the country and the world. He has filmed network television for NASCAR racing, championship boxing, Discovery Channel, and ABC Extreme Home Makeover. He has produced marketing and training films for GE, Westinghouse, Lego, Hallmark Cards, US Coast Guard and has filmed over 1000 weddings and events around the country and is available for worldwide travel! And since 2019 has been the teleprompter operator for Governor Lamont of Connecticut. 


Today, Steve has built a team of the best and brightest talent, helping him create innovative and professional productions. With his years of experience, the latest technology, and a constant commitment to quality, Steve and his team continue to achieve unprecedented levels of excellence in the industry.


Steve and his award-winning team have accrued an unprecedented 39 local, national, and international awards, which ranks them as one of the top award-winning companies in the world. His peers have also chosen him as one of the Top 25 videographers in the world for five consecutive years.


As an award-winning member of several associations, Steve shares his knowledge with other videographers from around the world. He has been a featured speaker around the country and is a firm believer in helping educate other videographers in his field and giving back to the community that inspired him.


In his spare time, Steve enjoys mountain biking, wakeboarding, water skiing, snow skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, stream fishing, and fixing just about anything as well as spending time with his fiancee Nicole and dog Oliver.


"People, Art, Technology… I couldn't have found a more perfect career." - Steven Fowler

Ben Clinton | Videographer and Video Editor

Ben joined the Video Experts team as an editor in November 2016.  He received a camera for Christmas when he was twelve years old, and spent all of his time filming almost anything he saw around his house.  It wasn’t long after that Ben decided to become a filmmaker.  After honing his skills throughout high school, he attended Fitchburg State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Media with a concentration in Film and Video Production.

Before joining the Video Experts team, Ben worked for Six Flags New England as an in-house video editor and graphic designer.  Ben is an experienced editor and has expertise in motion graphics and animated typography, as well as a strong sense of video pacing.  He enjoys working with the team at Video Experts to put together creative, original projects.

Ben is also an avid musician and spends his free time recording and producing music.

“It’s better to work smart than to work hard.”

Anthony Miclon | Project Manager

Anthony came to Video Experts as an intern in the summer of 2013 looking to expand his knowledge of the video production field.  Now, he works on the team as a videographer and writer.  Anthony has had a passion for film and television for longer than he can remember.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Eastern Connecticut State University and has experience shooting, producing, and directing studio television and fieldwork.

In addition, Anthony has a strong screen presence and enjoys working in front of the camera as well.  His speaking skills give him a unique perspective on scriptwriting and story planning.  In the field, he has a keen eye for shot composition.  He loves working with the team to see a story put together from start to finish.

When he’s not working, Anthony can be found acting, watching movies, and going to concerts.

“Quitters never win, winners never quit.” 

Oliver Bailey Stewart Howler | Customer Relations & Security

Oliver comes to the Video Experts family from a very untraditional and unexpected path. He was raised by his two parents who taught him all the tricks he knows today. If you ask him what his toughest thing to learn was, he will tell you, paws down, that it was learning to use puppy pads, but that, "in the end, it was all worth it." The way he thinks of it is that he didn't have to go to college to get his knowledge.

Oliver started as an intern in June 2008 to keep an eye on the office staff. Steve immediately noticed how meticulous Oliver was and his special knack for making customers feel at ease and for making employees feel good about themselves. After spotting this talent, without delay Steve brought Oliver onto the team full time.

Currently, Oliver is the security for the entire office; he never misses who is coming and going. He is also the acting supervisor when Steve is not in the building and does an excellent job of keeping an eye on the staff. When asked what his strengths are in editing, Oliver says, "My strength would definitely be my sense of smell and sight. I know you are probably thinking, "how is a sense of smell useful for video editing?", let me tell you. I can watch a video and sniff out potential artistic inconsistencies. My nose can accurately diagnosis a computer technical issue that a human would not pick up on. And since my sight is just as good as my smell, if not better, I can equally spot trouble with my eyes. I also am very good at licking stamps. It's one of my favorite things to do."

When he's not supporting the staff, licking stamps or putting customers at ease, he enjoys chewing on pig's ears and rawhide bones. Oliver also loves to howl along when his mom "Nicole" sings to him.

"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of its tail."


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