How to Make a Great Video

  |   Jul 14 2014   |   Posted in: Business to Business


The makings of a great video is no easy task. It takes dedication and perseverance to achieve a successful video production. A lot of people have asked us what goes into making a great video so we’re here to break it down for you.
The production process can be broken down into four steps. Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, and Distribution and Promotion. No matter the size of the project, this process always comes into play.

The first part of the process is Pre-Production, which is your planning stage. With video rapidly growing as the most powerful portal for marketing, education, promotion, entertainment, etc. you realize you need a video. You may not know what kind of video, you just know you need one.
Well before you contact your local production company, it’s a good idea to sit down and figure out what it is you want your video to accomplish. A good way to start is to write down your goals. Ask yourself what are the pain points in your business. What do you have the most trouble with? What do you want to improve? Video can help those things. If you need help, download our video production guide.
When you have a clear goal for your video, it is a good idea to look at other videos to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Save the things others have done in the past to keep in mind what you like and what will work for you the best.
When you contact a video production company, there is usually a creative meeting that will follow. A producer will work with you to outline the video that will accomplish those aforementioned goals in the best looking way possible. After the outline is done, a script and/or storyboard is formed. Some productions need scripts and some do not. A documentary style production, which may rely on interviews or testimonials, is less in need of a script than a marketing video, which requires a more careful choice of words.

Next is the Production stage. This is where the content of your video is created. It may be that your video is filmed in front of a green screen, on set, or on location. Maybe the content of your video is a process in which you perform on a computer. It also could be that your video is animated. What ever it may be, different productions require different pieces of equipment.
For most videos lighting is the most important part of your production. Without proper lighting, your production will look like the millions of other amateur videos on the internet.
Professional audio also sets apart a video production from the rest as a video production is half audio. Clean audio and sound design could make or break a project.
Different cameras may be used depending on the nature of your production as well. It may be that the camera has to shoot at very high speeds or underwater. The correct camera is essential to any video production.
The narration is also recorded in this stage, whether it is a voice over, on screen talent, or an interview, it all takes place during the production stage.

After all the content is created and captured, the next step is Post Production. This is where a video editor will assemble all the captured audio and video, also while generating any graphics or text.
Editing your video may take more time than any of the other steps. A skilled editor is able to take the captured footage and bring your video to life. Music and audio effects may also be used to enhance the production. The music is carefully chosen to set the tone and emotion of the video.

Once the editor is done with his magic, that leads us to Distribution and Promotion. Where is your video going to be seen? Who is supposed to see it? Is it being broadcasted on television? On the web? Is it only going to be seen in a storefront? This is important information and will be addressed immediately in the planning stage. Your producer will work closely with you so the people that need to see your video see it.
To optimize the reach of the video, most videos should utilize social media sites and web hosting.

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