The 5 Biggest Differences Between an Amateur Videographer and a Pro

  |   Jun 23 2016   |  


Why Go Pro?

There’s no denying that the major allure of hiring an amateur to film your company’s video is the lower price tag – but herein lies the danger, because as we’ve all learned by now, the old adage is still true; 'you get what you pay for’

So what exactly is it that you’re paying for when hiring a professional videography company over an amateur?


The biggest indicator that you’re dealing with a professional vs an amateur is not skill or talent – but rather, how they conduct their more straight-forward, day-to-day business operations. That means they respond to any and all inquiries quickly, and efficiently. They’ll come to you with proposals, contracts, and accurate price quotes. They’ll be able to provide relevant samples of their work, and they’ll understand the importance of delivering on a deadline.


With more experience, comes a faster turnaround time. The production process is expedited by having producers who have been in the game so long, they’ve learned plenty of tricks to avoid mistakes or hang-ups. They’re also more apt to have systems & processes in place to take projects successfully from conception to completion. Knowing what needs to happen in every stage of the production process and in what order is an invaluable asset you won’t realize you need until your first amateur experience – they get tripped up constantly by things they could not anticipate, never having dealt with such problems before. Experience means having the knowledge to identify issues sooner, so as to avoid disaster later.


Kept in case of a worst-case-scenario situation, Insurance is definitely one of the biggest ‘Pros’ of hiring a professional videography team. Most amateurs tend to skip this expense, and hope for the best, but as we all know by now, bad things happen to good camera lenses all the time. Hiring a production company that can afford insurance is pretty much paying for peace of mind that you won’t get sued if something breaks, or someone gets hurt while shooting


When you hire a production company, it’s their job to get the shot, no matter what. Most amateurs have other priorities to pull their focus away from the project so that if something comes up, they’ll just reschedule the shoot – a professional company is going to be dedicated to completing the project by the deadline above all else, simply because they have the luxury of being able to do so.


With the lowering cost of film equipment these days, more people than ever before are able to break into the world of video production – but simply having access to a great camera doesn’t make you a great shooter. Hiring a professional production company means that what you’re really paying for above all else, is their expertise, and with that naturally comes a higher quality of work. 


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Cie Peterson - Jun 28 2016
Great job, Steve, of presenting a 100% accurate argument for hiring a professional in any field and how doing so is a far better course of action than hiring a cheap amateur.

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