Repurpose Your Videos: How to get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

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Repurpose Your Videos: How to get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Whether you hired a production crew, or decided to put together the production yourself, you worked hard on your project; you committed to the hours, spent the money, coordinated the details, and put everyone to work. All your hard work paid off and you now have a great video to share, but it’s only one … For the next video you’ll have to do the process all over again. 

Or, you can repurpose that one video. Not always do you have to redo the whole process; there’s an easy and efficient way to create multiple videos from just one. You can even freshen up older videos and utilize them for more than just their original purpose on more than just their original platform. Save your time, money, and labor by repurposing your videos. 

Why Repurpose?

Repurposing your videos will give you the biggest bang for your buck. When you regenerate new content from older or already completed work you do these things: 

  • Improve your SEO
  • Build content that focuses in on more detail
  • Strengthen your message resourcefully  
  • Expand your viewership – reach new audiences 
  • Therefore, expand your distribution 
  • And generate more views
  • As well as more organic search site traffic 
  • Save a lot time, a lot money, and a little hard work 
  • Increase your video library and content variety
  • Create the option to utilize more platforms 
  • Update outdated videos 

How to Repurpose.

The first thing you need to think about it what videos you will repurpose. If you’re looking to update specific outdated or now irrelevant data, then simply find the videos that include that information and replace the obsolete material. However, if you’re looking to randomly refresh some of your content, it’s a great idea to turn to your analytics to help you decide which video to utilize. Look at key metric data points, like views and visitors (both short and long term), duration spent on site or on post, engagement, and overall ranking, to find your top posts and then start from there. 

However, using analytics to forecast which videos to repurpose isn’t – and shouldn’t be – your only method. It is a great way to revamp your best content, but sometimes the most popular videos aren’t the most valuable. If past material can be revitalized to focus on more current and relevant data or new trends in the field, then you shouldn’t skip over it when deciding which materials get a fresh new look. 

Also, when you’re shooting your videos out on location – if the circumstances permit – don’t forget you can always grab some extra footage to use in other videos. Getting more footage than you need is not only smart in terms of your current production, but also gives you potential content for future productions.  

Ways to Repurpose.

Turn your videos into other videos:

  1. Make longer videos shorter for various social media platforms or to break up detailed information or instructions. 
  2. Use testimonials to create a promotional video about you or your business based on a specific theme touched on by your clients. 
  3. Turn employee introductory videos into an about us / about the company video.
  4. Build a company or service FAQ video out of interview videos. 
  5. Employ video transcriptions as subtitles to repurpose your video for a low volume viewing option (like a tradeshow or waiting room video).
  6. Generate behind the scenes content from past project bloopers or while working on current/future productions. 
  7. Produce a company promotional video reel by utilizing little clips from different past productions
  8. Create an introductory video for your site from testimonials, employee interviews, promotional content, etc.
  9. Modify a slide show or presentation to make an explainer or instructional video.
  10. Construct a promotional video out of a product demonstration

Turn your videos into other content: 

  1. Make informational based videos into podcasts (and then possibly into audio books).
  2. Create a "how to" website page or blog post from your explainer videos.
  3. Screenshot titles and animated graphics in your explainer videos to make infographics for your website, blog, or other videos. 
  4. Take your video transcripts and turn them into blog posts - For an added repurpose bonus, include any shortened videos relevant to the post to add visual aid.
  5. Generate a slideshow from an explainer, a promotional, or even a testimonial video. 

As you can see there are many benefits that come from repurposing your videos and many ways to do so. As a business, the best thing you can do is get the biggest bang for your buck in the most efficient way. If you can save time, money, and effort while increasing your value, why not give it a shot? You just may find that it's as easy as it seems. 

If you have any questions, please contact us here! No matter the size or type of prodution, Video Experts can help.

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