The Top 2 Real Estate Videos for Your Property

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The Top 2 Real Estate Videos for Your Property

Recently we talked about why real estate videos are important when selling or renting your property. Utilizing videos can add perceived value to the listing and value to you as a seller or renter. But, what type of real estate video format should you use? There are various kinds of styles that showcase the physical listing itself, the housing market, and the seller, realtor, or agent, but this week we’re focusing on videos pertaining to your property specifically. Here are the top two formats used in video marketing for property. 

Video Style: Listing
What is it? This type of real estate video is the most well-known type of video for renting or selling property. When you hear the topic “real estate video,” you’re most likely thinking of this format. A listing video is a tour of the property more so including, but not limited to, the inside of the building. This style of video is used to tell a story for your client to easily envision themselves in their new home. 

Format Highlights:

  • A showcase of specific property features/qualities
  • Story telling 
  • Staging props (e.g. art, furniture, the arrangement and uses of rooms, etc.)
  • Creatively engage clients  
  • 50% of people find a virtual tour to be helpful when combing through listings (with 70% utilizing tour videos for the interior of the property)

Here is a Video Experts real estate example utilizing a listing video format to rent an office space here in town.

Notice how this video lists key features, like room dimensions, to show viewers the potential of this space.

Video Style: Neighborhood or Community 
What is it? This real estate video format is geared towards … you guessed it: location! In our previous real estate post we talked about how over 80% of people use video to check out the property’s community, so we know that location is still a very important aspect of both buying and renting. A location based video format for your property is kind of like a listing video, but focused more on what’s around the property – what’s the community vibe? What activities and services are close by? 

Format Highlights:

  • School district
  • Dining 
  • Shopping opportunities
  • Transportation
  • Safety and Health institutes and ratings 
  • Entertainment (e.g. parks, clubs, museums, landmarks, etc.)
  • A general vibe / the culture of the community
  • 44% of people find the inclusion of location information useful 

Here is a Video Experts real estate example utilizing a community video format to rent a condominium property in the Dominican Republic.

What's cool about this video is that it fits both the listing and neighborhood format as it includes specific qualities of the property and information about its location and services close by.

Take both of these formats to the next level by incorporating new production and technology trends. Here at Video Experts, we like to include drone shots when we can to create a unique and memorable videos. 

Utilizing video to sell or rent your property is a highly effective way to master the market. With thousands of new listings added daily and properties sold yearly it’s not only efficient but essential to take your listing to the next level by including video. And, by using these popular property video styles you’ll be increasing your listing inquiries in no time!

If you have questions about real estate videos or any other production service, contact us here to get more information! No matter the size or type of production, Video Experts can help. 

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