Less is More – The Basic Marketing Strategy That Works

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Less is More – The Basic Marketing Strategy That Works

When it comes to videos, sometimes it’s easy to get carried away. Whether you have a lot of cool ideas or techniques you want to use in your video or a lot of content that needs to be shared, most the time – if not all the time – less is more. Decide what the core message of your video is and stick to it. Do not jam pack content and do not stray. When there’s too much information, whether it be related or not, or the videos are too lengthy your viewers can get confused and lose interest. So, how do you inform your audience while keeping them engaged? Follow these tips to learn how to make less, more.

Break it up

Different topics call for different videos. For example, in a promotional video rather than try to jam everything into one project, start with an overview or main point and then in other videos dive more into detail on each of the main points briefly talked about in the introductory video. When you overload videos with content, it’s not only hard for people to follow along but to retain all the information being presented to them. You don't want your audience to feel bored or even more confused after watching it. Preferably, viewers should have a memorable and enlightening experience when watching your videos.

Keep it Short Sweet and to the Point

When you break your videos up into different sections, it allows you to keep the duration down as well. Unless you happen to be making a feature film, keeping videos as short as possible is ideal. With that said you do want to be sure your video is long enough to get the point across. Depending on the video, anywhere from thirty seconds to five minutes max should be your goal.

Keeping things short, sweet, and to the point follows the same concept as breaking your content up; when videos are lengthy viewers can have a hard time following along, paying attention, grasping the overall purpose, and/or watching the video in its entirety. Think about television commercials. On average they’re about thirty seconds. Within that thirty seconds the company tells you either why you need the product, what the product is, what it does, what it compares to, or all of the above.

Remember, Simplicity is Bliss

Along with keeping the run time of your videos short, keeping the amount of fine detail down is important as well. Now, this may sound counterproductive as nine times out of ten your videos purpose is to explain something but packing in too many specifics can be very overwhelming. Try to give an overview of each fine detail – a highlight, if you will – rather than a long comprehensive explanation. If you’re stumped on how to do this, head back to the broad basics when explaining something.

Stick to the Script

A video that jumps around from topic to topic will be confusing and can appear unprofessional. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to include all the material you’d like to sometimes. Making great videos consists of cutting things out. And the content you do keep should be related to your main point. Like we said in the first tip, if there is more than one idea or explanation that needs to be made, create a separate video. As for the actual script, things will go a whole lot smoother when you stick to that as well.

So, to make your videos as effective and engaging as possible, be sure not to overload them with content. Create different projects for different topics to keep things short and simple. Decide what the core message of your video is and stick to it. Both your clients and your audience will thank you.

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