10 Tips on Making Your Interviewee More Comfortable

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10 Tips on Making Your Interviewee More Comfortable

Whether you’re looking to include testimonials about your business on your website, tell of your employees and/or workplace, or get your company’s mission statement out there, having others share their stories on camera can be more powerful than any other video format. Sometimes interviews can be quite the obstacle however.

A successful interview appears natural and flows like a normal conversation, but many people struggle with talking on camera. So, how do you make sure your interviewee stays calm, cool, and comfortable throughout the video? Follow these 10 tips.

Find the Right Interviewee

If you can, pick someone who wants to be on camera. A personality that is comfortable with being in front of the camera will be more articulate, giving the video a more natural presence.   

Hold the Interview in a Familiar Place

If you can, use an environment the interviewee is acquainted with – for example their office or home. They will be more relaxed.

Be Upfront

When the talent knows the overall purpose of the video, what’s expected, and what the finished project will entail, they will feel more in the loop, more comfortable. Keeping this open communication will allow for a greater connection between you and the interviewee as well.

Give Yourself a Good Amount of Time

It’s always better to have more time than less time. Sometimes it’s hard to know just how long things will take due to the openness of an interview, but do be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get what you need. When things start to get or feel rushed, that’s when mistakes happen and that’s when an interviewee will feel pressured and uncomfortable.

Minimize the Amount of People in the Room

It’s ideal to utilize a small crew if possible and to kindly kick out any unnecessary onlookers to keep the number of people around your talent small. The less people watching, the less pressure on the interviewee.

Keep Them Hands Free

Holding a microphone might feel uncomfortable to them if they’re not used to it. Using hands free mics (like a lavalier) will take the stress off the interviewee, eliminate possible audio errors during the interview, and free up their hands to gesture – giving the dialogue a natural look and feel.

Avoid Talking to the Camera

It will be much more comfortable for your talent to look at the interviewer when speaking – whether they will be shown on camera or not. Looking into the camera directly eliminates that natural conversational feel you’re aiming for and can cause a deer in the headlights type look.  

Strike up Some Conversations Pre-Interview  

Ask the talent non related questions about their personal life or surroundings. If you notice any trophies, keepsakes, interesting decorations, etc., ask about them. This will give both you and the interviewee a chance to connect and become famaliar with talking to each other. It will also take their mind of any stress or pre-jitters regarding the interview – creating good laughs will yield extra benefits.

Reassure the Interviewee

Let your talent know that mistakes happen and if they feel the need to redo something, that’s okay - but always be sure to have them start from the previous complete thought and then continue on.

Be an Engaging Listener

Maintain eye contact, use non verbal cues, and smile. This will encourage the talent and make them feel confident and important. Creating a friendly environment where your interviewee is heard and respected will produce a natural discussion.

Following these 10 tips will not only show your interviewee that you're a strong leader, but also make them more at ease; both will create a skillful finished project. 

If you have any questions about conducting an interview on camera, contact us here. We'd love to get you one step closer to showcasing your product to the world.

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