3 Big Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting a Project

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3 Big Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting a Project

When it comes to video production, the main goal is to be able to clearly and effectively communicate an idea with your audience. There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself not only during the production process, but before you get started as well. Here are 3 questions that hold the highest importance when thinking about starting a new project:

  1. What is the intended purpose of your project?

Knowing the objective of your video will help keep your project organized from pre to post production. When you identify your project's purpose it is easier to script, capture, and edit material that will clearly and efficiently support your idea.

  1. Who is your project being made for?

In other words, who is your intended target audience? Pinpointing who specifically will be viewing your project can also help you communicate an effective message. Being aware of your audience will give you clues on what material to include and how convey it in your video. In addition, tailoring your projects to your audience can build a stronger presence and following.

  1. How is your project being viewed?

Will the finished product be broadcasted on television, posted to a social media website, or used as a presentation, for example? This may sound like a post production question, but it's essential to know where your project will be used ahead of time in order to format the dimensions of your video and its assets (e.g. graphics) correctly.

When you do get to the post production process, it's important to ask yourself how your project will be viewed, again. Exporting your project in the correct format is crucial for effortless uploading and optimal playback.

Once you've answered these 3 main questions, you're ready to start the production!

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