3 Tips for Getting in Front of the Camera

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3 Tips for Getting in Front of the Camera

When people start working on a video production, one of the last things they think about is starring in their own video.  However, unless you want to hire an actor or spokesperson, it is likely that you’ll be the one presenting your company or product to the viewers.  Here are three tips for first timers getting in front of the camera. 


Before your shoot, practice reading your script.  At VideoExperts, we use a teleprompter for green screen shoots so there’s no need to memorize it.  The more familiar you are with the script though, the more comfortable you’ll be reading  it, and the more effective your video will be. 

Dress Right

If you’re going to be filming in front of a green screen, DON’T WEAR GREEN!  This is the most important part of this tip.  It’s not just that it looks bad; if you wear something green, whatever graphics or colors the green screen is replaced with will show up on your clothing. Also, try not to wear any busy patterns or really saturated colors, as they can create visual noise on camera. 

For more help on this, check out our guide:

Stay Calm and Be Natural

Simple enough, right?  It can be hard to feel natural in front of a camera, especially when you’ve never done it before.  When it comes time for your shoot, don’t try to put on a “professional” voice or play it like someone you’re not.  When people watch the video, they’ll be able to connect more to the average person.  Let your passion for your business drive your video, and it will achieve results you want. 

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